Our Company

ACTS Review Center is a leading educational institution that provides review courses to students preparing for licensure or certification examinations. Every year, we help thousands of medical technology graduates prepare for and succeed in their exams with our effective test preparation courses, simulated written and computer-based practice tests and online learning tools.

These are the testimonials from some of our successful clients:

“The review course was very systematic and the training was excellent. I am so thankful that I enrolled at ACTS Review Center. More power to the company!”

“They helped us in every way they can. From mental, to physical, spiritual and emotional preparations-name it! ACTS won’t let you down.”

“ACTS offers the best review program for laboratory technologists. The instructors were very helpful  and very knowledgeable in their fields. I highly recommend this review center.”

“I feel that I could not have passed my licensure exams without the guidance of ACTS Review Center. I am proud to say that I am a part of ACTS family!”

“I will never regret enrolling in ACTS because they have given me the knowledge which is more than what I expected from them.  Not only do they prepare students mentally but psychologically as well.  I definitely made the right choice and I have so much to thank for it.”

Our reputation as a review provider  is unparalleled.  Our dedication to providing service and assistance to our clients is unmatched.  At ACTS, we don’t just make promises. We will help you achieve your goals.