Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to finish the classroom review?

The classroom review takes about nine days. Details of each subject are available in the Course Outline page.

2. I am taking the Specialist Certification for Clinical Chemistry; do you have a separate course for this subject?
Yes, we have separate courses for each Specialist Certification (except for Cytotechnology). You can either get the classroom or online courses or both. Please click on the Registration Page for details.
3. I would like to know the availability of your classroom reviews?
Classroom courses are available every 6 months. Please refer to Course Outline page. for details.
4. I am interested in your online course. Can you tell me more about it?
I don’t know much about computers so I am concern about going through an online learning course. Are there any special requirements on this program?” ]Although we offer the traditional classroom course, some prefer the online training due to its affordability and convenience. You do not need to be an IT to attend our online course. All you need is your computer (tablets and smartphones do work, too but computers are recommended), headset, a good internet connection and a quiet room to study-and you are all set! Click  Virtual Classroom for our online course demo.
5. Are review materials provided in your online review courses?
Yes, the tuition fee is inclusive of our Review Guide Notes. The guide notes are available in downloadable forms to get you started with the program.
6. I wanted to be licensed as laboratory technologist in the United States. What are the requirements?
Some States require laboratory personnel to be licensed or certified. Requirements vary by State and specialty. There is no universal set of qualification criteria for state licensure; each state has its own standards. Information on licensure is available from State departments of health or boards of occupational licensing.
7. I failed my CLS exam for California about ten years ago and I would like a retake. How do I apply for the California CLS exam?
There is no state administered examination for CLS in California. Licensure may be obtained through approved certifying organizations. Click this link for information regarding CLS application: California CLS Application
8. I need information regarding recognized certifying organizations for laboratory technologists.
Recognized certification agencies include the Board of Registry of the American Society for Clinical Pathology, the American Medical Technologists, the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel, and the Board of Registry of the American Association of Bioanalysts. These organizations have different requirements for certification.
9. I am from another state and plans to attend your live course in San Francisco. Does your company provide assistance with accommodations?
Yes, we can assist with your place to stay during the duration of the course. Please call our office for more information.
10. What is your mode of payment?
You can pay by sending us a check payable to ACTS Review Center USA, LLC. Mail your check payment to this address:
ACTS Review Center USA, LLC
4210 Cuneo Drive
Concord, CA 94518