Classroom Review

Licensure/Certification Preparation Course

This nine-day review course will cover all details in the clinical laboratory field to help students prepare for national certification or state licensure examinations. A must for some exam candidates who need full refresher and serious about pursuing their careers as laboratory technologists; this program is intended for you!

Review Highlights:

-Up to date lectures  based on current clinical laboratory practice and exam content outlines
-Offers complete preparation for the technologists/technicians examinations, providing in-depth review
-Classes are taught in small groups and more interactive and personalized
-Inclusive of our Laboratory Technologists Review book
-Veteran and accomplished team of instructors
-Extensive study hints and strategies to pass your exams
-Individual performance evaluation
-Simulated computer-based practice tests
-Free access to over a thousand MLT/CLS exam-style questions with rationale and explanations

The Classroom Review tuition is $990.00. Registration and payment of $200.00 required to reserve a spot. Enrollees must complete their registration and pay the balance at least two weeks before the start of the course.

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