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Click each subject to get started. You will then input your email address and the unique password provided to you during your initial registration.

General Exam Instructions:

These online questions are designed as introduction to some aspects of the question format and perhaps the content you might encounter on the actual examination. As mentioned, the style of the questions adheres to that prevalent in most laboratory technologists’ certification and licensure examinations. This examination is timed and you are able to review and change answers as needed. Please read each question carefully. Select the choice that you believe best answers the question. Once you are satisfied with your answers, click the “Submit” bottom at the bottom of the page. You will immediately see your test results and an email will be sent to the email address that you used to register. You will receive a report summary in a certificate form indicating your score,completion of the exam and either a “Pass” or “Fail” mark. A detailed report of your test(questions,answers and explanations) is included to help you identify strengths and weaknesses in various content areas and tasks. This will then give you an idea on where to focus and concentrate more of your time-ultimately prepare you better in the actual examination.

We look forward to your bright future as laboratory professionals!


Clinical Chemistry Examination I

Clinical Chemistry Examination II

Clinical Chemistry Examination III

Clinical Chemistry Examination IV

ImmunoSeroBloodBank Examination I

ImmunoSeroBloodBank Examination II

ImmunoSeroBloodBank Examination III

ImmunoSeroBloodBank Examination IV

MicrobiologyParasitology Examination I

MicrobiologyParasitology Examination II

MicrobiologyParasitology Examination III

MicrobiologyParasitology Examination IV

Clinical Microscopy Examination I

Clinical Microscopy Examination II

Clinical Microscopy Examination III

Clinical Microscopy Examination IV

Hematology Examination I

Hematology Examination II

Hematology Examination III

Hematology Examination IV





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